To Beach or Not To Beach

Soaking in the salt water

I hate going to the beach. Actually, I hate going to the beach when it’s too hot (like in summer) or when it’s too cold (like in winter) or when it’s too windy (like in fall) or when it’s too crowded (like anytime it’s ‘perfect’ weather). That leaves pretty much 3 and a half days in a year, when I actually go to the beach and enjoy the experience, just like I did over this Labor Day weekend. Good friends and lots of alcohol, very well supported by non stop junk food, made sure the trip rocked. Here are 10 things about my beach holiday :

1. I transformed my chestnut brown skin to a walnut brown one.
2. I soaked up enough salty water to literally shrivel and melt my Nike swimwear. And you thought brands are a guarantee

3. I ate enough french fries to gain approximately 3970 lbs
4. I gained approximately 3970 Oz
5. I played Antakshari
6. I downed enough alcohol to drown myself in the sea
7. I did not drown myself in the sea
8. I shopped for a cover all at a 75% discount that, with my propensity for a beach trip, I might not be using till summer 2011 !
9. I spent half a day canoeing down the river in the nearby state park and loved it more than soaking alcohol and salt water at the beach
10. I had a great time

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