Red Velvet Cheesecake – Decadence goes decadent :D

Red Velvet CheeseCake

The brutal Civil War was on. Yankees were fighting the Confederacy, setting the country ablaze in the process. A young hunk of a Yankee was stationed in the Deep South. He had a pale skin, like cream cheese. And he loved cakes, all kinds. So they called him The Cheesecake. Oh, how they loved him…the ladies especially, who could not resist his melt in the mouth yumminess. One day, as he was fighting the enemy, he got separated from his battalion and lost his way. He wandered senselessly, trying to find his bearing and his way out. Night had fallen and his wounds hurt him. He wanted some respite, some rest, someone to tend to him. Far away, he saw a light flicker. Walking towards it, he found himself standing in front of a solitary house in the woods. On the verge of collapsing, he knocked. The door opened, and just as The Cheesecake was about to slump on the floor, Velvet caught him in her arms, Red Velvet.
Her name was Velvet. She was the prettiest damsel in town. She loved dressing in red, so much that she came to be known as Red Velvet (like Red Riding Hood). She was svelte, mischievous and way more intense than she gave away. She was the sweet southern belle. As she caught the hunk from New York, she knew this was what she had been waiting for. And when Cheesecake laid his eyes on Red Velvet, he knew this was what he had been waiting for too. They fell in love, joined together in holy bakemony (the Land of Baking version of Matrimony) and eloped into the wilderness of the World Wide Web. Safe in there, they lived happily ever after. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you The Red Velvet Cheesecake Couple.

Here is how you can recreate their magical togetherness.

For the cakes:
1 recipe of Cheesecake (use this version, SANS the mango puree and mango glaze)
2/3rd recipe of Red Velvet Cake (use this recipe but apportion it to make 2 individual red velvet cakes OR 2/3rd of the recipe baked into one large red velvet cake)
1 recipe Assembly Syrup (use this recipe)
1 recipe cream cheese frosting (use this recipe)
The Grand Assembly:
TIPS: Before you start, here are some tips to ensure a perfect output.
a) Divide and conquer. My advice is bake and refridgerate the red velvet cake and the cheesecake at least 24 hours before the day of serving. This not only makes things easier to manage, but also chills the cake well for assembly as well as provides you with buffer time to assemble and decorate the cake. Best of all, it gives you buffer time for Plan B if things don’t work out (they will, but I don’t believe in absolute guarantees in life).
b) Prepare the syrup and frosting on the day of assembly, before you start it.
c) Use the same sized spring form pan for the cheesecake as well as the red velvet cake. This will ensure a perfectly sized layered cake without additional effort. Also, my advice would be to bake a single red velvet cake using 2/3rd of the recipe amount (as mentioned earlier) and then cut the cake layer horizontally into two equal halves. That way you save on time and additional effort.
d) Please keep a jar of patience and a glass of wine in hand. You will need both often. If you don’t drink wine, try coffee instead.
e) Make sure your camera is well charged. You will fall in love with your creation and the camera will capture it for posterity 😀
Ready, Set, Go………..
1. Take the cheesecake out of the fridge and keep it aside.
2. Take the redvelvet cake out of the fridge. Shave off any uneveness on the top. Reserve the shavings. If you have cut the cake into 2 layers, ensure both layers have even surfaces. Again, reserve all shavings.
3. Take a serving platter and/or Cake Board. Smear a little jam/cream cheese frost in the center to act as glue. Place one (or one half) of the red velvet cake on it. Brush the top lightly with the assembly syrup.
4. Now take the cheesecake and set it on top of the red velvet cake. Now is the time to sip on that coffee/wine.
5. Take the other red velvet cake and brush the top/cut surface with a nice coating of syrup. Now place it on the chesecake layer with the syrup side facing the cheesecake. The layers are done. If there is a overhang for any of the layers, use a knife to shave it back to perfect shape. Wine sip number 2.
6. Frosting time. Take some frosting and frost a thin layer around the sides to act as a glue for your decor. Spread a slightly thicker layer on the top and smoothen it out as much as you can. To give you an idea, I had to use almost 60% of my frosting on the sides and the rest on the top.
Cake Decor:
1. Sit back and relax for a second. If you have managed to reach till this point, you are truly a genius. you deserve to gulp down the rest of the wine.
2. Remeber the shavings you kept aside. Tear them into crumbles. Judge for yourself if they are enough to cover the sides of the cake. If not, add some chocolate shavings to it to make enough amount of decor for the sides.
3. Using yor palm, dab and stick the crumb-chocolate mixture onto the sides of the cake. If there is enough leftover, use it to make a border on the top too.
4. Of course this is not the only way to decorate it. You can double the amount of frosting and give it a simple cream cheese frosting. Or you can just frost the top and leave the sides as it is. They will still look gorgeous. You can also opt to stick coconut flakes on the sides (tint them red if you want but too much effort I guess) and just frost the top. I mean, use your imagination and do your own thing 🙂

Open a bottle of Moscato D’Asti and get going on finishing the cake. Thank you for making the effort !!! 🙂

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