The whirlwind of the last 30 days

What happened ? Well, Prince ‘Balding’ Charles, got married to Kate ‘Classy’ Middleton, Osama Bin Laden got shot at point blank range, the IMF chief sexually molested the hotel maid (really !!!!!!!!!!), Terminator Schwarzneggar got divorced thanks to his hush-hush child with one of his household staff (really, I mean really !!!!!!!!), Novak no-more-djoker-but-giant-killer Djokovic slayed all and killed Nadal, Federer kept on making me hope and hope and hope……..and hope, LinkedIn had a chartbuster IPO, the Libyans and the Syrians and the Bahrainians keep on fighting for change and keep on getting murdered and finally, I decided to write more often 🙂

Stay eager, my friends 🙂

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